Who We Are

101 computers Embroidery is one of the first-generation Embroidery and stitching companies in UAE, which makes a significant contribution to our Garments industry through our quality, product variety, and strong supply chain management.
Since 2002 the year of starting a journey, 101 Computer Embroidery has attained recognition as one of the country’s leading garment Embroidery Companies with significant and growing global reach.

Our Vision

Our vision is the polestar to our mission that fulfills our objectives with emphasis on the quality of product, process, and services blended with good governance that helps build the image of the most venerable corporate -citizenship at home and abroad.

Our Mission

Our mission is the polestar of our vision for maximization of the production of quality products and services strictly on ethical and moral standards at minimum costs to the society ensuring optimum benefits to the consumers, the shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Our Endeavors Continues

Customer loyalty to our brand and products is helping our company run at over 80% capacity year-round, since starting we continued to execute our strategy to improve product quality, develop new products and build pathways to future growth. We work hard to create a profitable business that cares for customers and provides quality products and services to the market.
Values that we adopt are leading through service excellence, maximum utilization of resources, maintaining quality and standards to compete in the global market, and nurturing human intelligence.
My most important future priority is to ensure 101 Computer Embroidery is globally recognized as a quality and reliable brand, as this will help us attract an even greater share of foreign customers as well.
We are also looking to the future, pursuing new ideas and innovation to serve our customer’s needs and success in the changing, dynamic market we will face in the future. Our strategy is focused on driving growth and creating long-term shareholder value.

“To our management team, workers, staff, bankers, and business associates. I would like to express my gratitude and acknowledgment for the hard work and support in enabling 101computer Embroidery to achieve success. I am confident that with our stakeholder’s support, 101 Computer Embroidery will remain on track to greater heights for years to come.”

Abdulla Saeed Saleh Abdulla Alghailani, 101computer Embroidery

How We Act

Manufacturing Clothing

Uniform Design


Account Management

Corporate Focus

Our conception of business germinated from our vision which sees it as a means to the well being of the investors, stakeholders, employees and members of the society at large by creating new wealth in the form of goods and services that go to satisfy the wants of all of them without disturbing or damaging the socio-ecological-economic balance of the Mother Earth and the process of human civilization leading to peaceful coexistence of all the living beings.


To strive hard to optimize profit through conduction of transparent business operations within the legal & Social framework with malice to none and justice for all in respective of gender disparity, caste, creed or religion or region.

  • To Increase productivity.
  • To create more jobs with minimum investments.
  • To be competitive in the internal as well as external markets.
  • To maximize export earning with minimum imported in-puts.
  • To reduce the income gap between top & bottom categories of employees.
  • To promote corporate social responsibilities (CSR) amongst all.

Cutting Section

Cutting section has to be supervised by experienced cutting masters and shapers, who know the skill of cutting. Portable and fixed cutting machines are used in cutting of fabric.

Stitching Section

Stitching unit is to be supervised by most experienced Production Manager with his well qualified and experienced lineman who strives to fulfill top class stitching parameters required by customers with various machines like flat lock and over lock machines, lock stitch machine, button hole and button stitch machine etc.

Finishing and Packing

At garment finishing it is to be ensured that each and every item has gone through rigorous inspection and is 100% defect free before packing. Latest garment pressing equipment is used including Vacuum Press tables, Thread sucking machine, stain removing machine, Electric Steam Generator for ironing, heater less stream Irons etc. A separate quality control department has to be there with highly skilled and motivated staff. Quality control policy should cover manufacturing process along-with safe handling and delivery of products, well-defined procedures for storing and packing of finished products.


A separate sampling section is a must where innovative and highly skilled designers will prepare sample garments, according to the need of the exporters.

Embroidery Section

We have well-trained and most experienced designers to make innovative designs and make customized designs for customers as well.

Our Clients